For Dentists

i-CAT Scanner

Morita scanner

3 scanners to choose from-

*High Definition i-CAT Units

*High Definition Morita Unit

*Sirona Galileos

DICOM data along with one click viewer files provided with each scan

Assistance with surgical guide manufacture

  • If you are new to CBCT scanning, or are considering introducing implant in your practice, we can guide you with software tutorials

Assistance with intra-oral scanning and surgical guide manufacture

  • Fees for CBCT scans when referred by general dentists at a reduced rate
  • The greatest advantages of a CBCT over a medical CT is that the level of effective radiation dose the patient receives is significantly less by up to 98%*.

Endodontic and Periodontic Imaging- with the Morita

Resolution scans of 80-120 microns and limited FOV available

The “viewer file” that comes with it is called the OneVolumeViewer (OVV). It is a program that requires no software installation and is helpful for the referring clinician to investigate the scan in more detail for complex cases. With OneVolumeViewer, the clinician can go through the axial, coronal and sagittal slices and even adjust the planes to diagnose the clinical problem. OVV also allows for curved reconstruction through the patient’s jaw to produce contiguous cross sections at 1 mm intervals. The OVV also features the ability to place virtual simulated implants within the scan volume.