DEN 2 (OPG / Cephs)


OPG & Cephalometric Imaging

As part of the Royal Dental Hospital Team, VDIG taught ‘Intra-Oral and ‘Extra-Oral’ Imaging to Melbourne University Dental undergraduates (1996-2004) and Latrobe University Dental Undergraduates (2010-12)

We offer private one on one ‘Intra-Oral and ‘Extra-Oral’ Radiography training to locally trained hygienists and overseas trained dentists looking to ‘brush up’ on their imaging skills

We offer small tutorial class sizes, usually between 6-10 participants

Saturday morning classes & training

Who can attend our DEN 2 courses?
  • Dental Assistants (*Evidence of Cert IV (Rad) completion)
  • Dental Hygienists / Dental Therapists
  • Dentists
Where are the Courses Held
  • VDIG Education Centre located at:
  • Suite 9 / 1020 Doncaster Rd EAST DONCASTER
  • (corner Doncaster & Blackburn Rds- Opposite McDonalds)
What makes us different to other Courses
  • A practical ‘HANDS ON’ session with 3 different OPG units is also part of the course
  • Unlike other providers, we provide face to face teaching in small groups of 6-10 participants
  • We also look at the different types of software programs that operate the OPG & Ceph machines
  • Pending approval from Victorian Radiation Licencing authority
  • Certificate upon successful completion
Learning Objectives- Theory
  • History of Dental Imaging
  • X-ray Physics (Basic)
  • Radiation Biology
  • Biological effects of ionising radiation
  • Dose and Radiation protection
  • Medico-legal responsibilities / implications
  • Exposure factor choice / justification
  • Focal Troughs
  • FOV determination
  • Exposure errors
  • Positioning Errors
  • Anatomical landmarks
  • Basic Image interpretation and common pathology
  • All finished with a 16 MCQ
Learning Objectives- Practical
  • User Interface no 1
  • User Interface no 2
  • Positioning children
  • Adult positioning
  • Adjusting / compensating for large patients
  • Segmented pan images
  • Lateral Ceph positioning
Course Pricing

DEN 2 – $395 (gst inclusive)

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